CEO foreword

Enhancing quality of life through innovative skin health solutions.

Throughout our lives, our skin plays a vital role in protecting our body. But it doesn’t stop there. Today we recognize the important part skin plays in our overall well-being. When compromised, it can alter our self-esteem and influence the way we interact with others. Skin health has a major impact on our quality of life.

We are also witnessing changes in patient and consumer expectations. People are not only living longer, they also have increasing access to information. When they consult their healthcare or aesthetic practitioner, many already understand that their skin health may be related to their lifestyle, and want to know more. These interactions with consumers, patients and experts inspire us to constantly look for new ways to meet the skin health needs of people all over the world.

At Nestl? Skin Health, our vision is to change the way the world thinks about skin health. That’s why we work with healthcare professionals and academia from all disciplines to investigate new approaches and technologies, correlations between nutrition and skin health, and reward extraordinary community initiatives in skin health.

Unique insights and increased investments enable us to drive disruptive and distinctive innovation in medical treatments and consumer products that are truly different. We affirm our commitment to consumers, patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Stuart Raetzman, CEO Nestl? Skin Health