People are living longer than ever before and skin health plays a major role in the quality of this unprecedented longevity. That’s why SHIELD brings together ideators, thinkers and dreamers to identify opportunities and find innovative solutions to the skin health challenges associated with human longevity. SHIELD is Nestl? Skin Health’s global network of innovation hubs. At SHIELD, we create, observe, test and debate new ideas and promote radical thinking in skin health. The flagship SHIELD Center opened in New York in 2015.


Innovation for life-long skin health

SHIELD is an acronym for Skin Health Investigation, Education, Longevity Development. Nestl? Skin Health established SHIELD because our society needs bold disruptive ideas to achieve, optimize and maintain skin health in the digital era. SHIELD has established a global cross-discipline network collaborating on new approaches in skin health, nutrition and wellness. We innovate with physicians, nurses, clinicians, caregivers, scientists, entrepreneurs, tech leaders, academic partners and advocacy groups: anyone with a passion for skin.

  • Ideation – At SHIELD, creative and visionary scientists, entrepreneurs and thinkers from diverse disciplines generate, develop and incubate ideas to advance skin health.

  • Strategic investment – SHIELD invests in entrepreneurial start-ups, new technologies and innovative business opportunities in skin health.

  • Collaboration – SHIELD creates bold, unique, solution-oriented partnershipsto advance skin health, nutrition and wellness.

  • Education – SHIELD has built a global community of knowledge sharing to help change perceptions on the fundamental role of skin health in overall human health and wellness.

SHIELD training room
“Expression” training rooms at the Nestle Skin Health SHIELD Center
Nestl? Skin Health SHIELD staff at SHIELD U event


SHIELD sample projects

Itch Tracker is a new mobile app that measures how often a person scratches during sleep. Healthcare providers can use it to assess a patient’s itchiness or a treatment’s effectiveness, while individuals can use it to establish self-care routines. 

Itch tracker flyer
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SHIELD Stammtisch™ is our unique, ongoing networking event series. Each Stammtisch™ brings together people from different disciplines for an open discussion on thought-provoking questions in skin health. Recently, we have focused on such varied topics as the skin microbiome and aging, nutrition for skin health, and sensitive skin in the digital age.

Nestl? NDC Solon Ohio Nutrition Stammtisch™ Discussion
Nestl? NDC Solon Ohio Nutrition Stammtisch™ Discussion


Warren Winkelman, Medical Director and Head of Medical Innovation at SHIELD, leading the Solon Ohio Nutrition Stammtisch™
Warren Winkelman, Medical Director and Head of Medical Innovation at SHIELD, leading the Solon Ohio Nutrition Stammtisch™


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