To:      All members of the ESC Board 


All members of the ESC Board 


All members of the ESC Executive Committee


Date:      Friday

15 November 2002 


Change of venue of the 8th ESC Congress in 2004


Dear friends,


Further to the organisation of the 8th ESC Congress in 2004 in the

Birmingham International Conference Centre, the ESC Executives revised the

budget related to this venue. It appeared that the Birmingham venue is an

expensive location, the cost for the congress venue only being almost double in comparison

with the three previous congresses.


The ESC Executives agreed to consider switching the location of the

8th ESC Congress to another venue in the UK and requested the ESC Central Office

to undertake a comparative study over 3 other possible locations in the UK. The

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (Scotland), the Scottish Exhibition

and Conference Centre (Glasgow, Scotland) and the Manchester International

Conference Centre/G-Mex (England) were studied.  


The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (Scotland) came out

as the best alternative to Birmingham. The capacity of the venue rooms is

comparable, flights to Edinburgh are mostly via London/Glasgow but also via direct

connections and hotel capacity is more then sufficient. Most important was that the

Edinburgh International Conference Centre turned out to be more than 90.000 euro

less expensive compared to the Birmingham venue, even with an additional

built-up day included.



the practicalities of a congress venue, the financial impact of the congress is

very important as for our Society, as well as for most other medical

societies, a congress is the only one source of income. Congress profits enable the ESC to continue with several traditional

activities (non-profit seminars every other year, free journal subscription for

all members, web-site, central office, professional accountancy etc.). It should

be said that a substantial profit for the Society was obtained in the past by

the congress in Ljubljana, where there were only 850 registered participants. With the high cost of the Birmingham congress venue, the zero profit

level would need approximately 1300 participants.


The only reason for changing venues is a serious economical

concern. By means of this letter I’m happy to inform you that the members of the

ESC Executive Committee reached consensus in changing the venue from Birmingham

to Edinburgh. Important to know is that the relocation will not affect the

engagement and the collaboration with the Local Organising Committee.


The ESC Executive Committee


like to welcome your possible comments regarding this issue not later than next

Wednesday 20 November 2002. You can e-mail your comments to the ESC Central

Office who will forward them to me ([email protected])


best personal wishes, 


S.O. Skouby, President of the European Society of




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