‘GO ASK EDITH’: achieving a holistic approach to sexual health through Knowledge Management

‘GO ASK EDITH’: achieving a holistic approach to sexual health through

Knowledge Management

L. MacDonald

FPA Health, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Introduction: Knowledge Management is a multi disciplined approach to

achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. FPA

Health has developed a knowledge management strategy to improve reproductive and

sexual health outcomes for it’s target population. Through designing a web

based interactive facility for clients and health professionals, FPA Health

contributes to and disseminates reproductive and sexual health knowledge,

information and learning.

Design & Methods: The ‘Go Ask Edith’ www.fpahealth.org.au/sex-matters/go-ask-edith/

website page offers an interactive facility, where web visitors can email

questions, which are answered by clinical nurse specialists in reproductive and

sexual health. These real life questions, form the basis of FPA Health’s

Frequently Asked Questions website page. An analysis of the information ensures

a focus on consumer needs. This information is then applied across FPA Health’s

range of services research, clinician training, health promotion, prevention and


Results: The FPA Health website continues to attract an increasing

number of visits. Average monthly visits for 2003 is 20 000, compared with 15

000 for the previous year. The average number of questions posted per month

doubled in 2003. Over 50% of questions concern oral contraceptive and brands

such as Diane, Brevinor, and Yasmin. Implanon attracted 7% of questions in 2003.

Other dominant questions cover sexuality, STI’s, itching, breasts, falling

pregnant, erectile difficulties and period pain.

Conclusion: ‘Go Ask Edith’, is an effective Knowledge Management

strategy, giving FPA Health an alternative model to deliver holistic sexual

health care and meet the challenges of static budgets and service accessibility.

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