Community mobilization for better health

Community mobilization for better health

S.H. Djalalinia, F. Ramezani Tehrani, N. Peikari, M. Rostami Dovom

NRCRH, Deputy of Research & Technology, MOHME, Tehran, Iran

In order to improve reproductive health status of youth a health campaign

consider to improve youth health through involving them for finding their needs

and their suggestion for solving them, so for this purpose the an operational

study was considered with three phases

1-Assessing the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the youth regarding

reproductive health.

2-Implementing a multidisciplinary approach based on their needs assessment.

3-Evaluating the effectiveness of this program.

This project concentrated on: Advocacy and community mobilization, Financing

and resource allocation, Capacity building, Network formation and partnerships,

Multicultural Engagement, Youth empowerment. So with enrolment of different

sectors and NGOs, we awarded youth in reproductive health matters and making

service delivery friendlier.

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