Organisation of (specific) services

Organisation of (specific) services

A. Imhoff-Köprülü

Profamilia chorweiler e.V., Cologne, Germany

The author reports about an advisory centre for pregnancy, conflict of

pregnancy, family planning, contraception, and interruption, called Profamilia

chorweiler e.V. (e.V. means: ‘registered society’), placed in a district of

Cologne, where more than half of the inhabitants are not German natives. She

will give you an idea about the multiprofessional team working there, how they

have been working, the variety of consultants coming, and why both the German

society and the politicians think that it is important to have such advisory

centres for women (and couples), when they are in a conflict of having a baby or


In her report, she will also look back on the 52 years since the Profamilia

society was founded. She will tell you about the Profamilia ideology of

contraception and family planning, about its organisation, its legitimisation

and its financing.

In the appendix you will find (1) an extract of a law concerning Profamilia’s

work, and (2) a list of Profamilia’s offered services.

Note: (1) and (2) are not available

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