Early medical abortion with a single vaginal dose of misoprostol is an effective method?

Early medical abortion with a single vaginal dose of

misoprostol is an effective method?

N. Salakos, D. Botsis, G. Detsis, A. Kountouris, O. Grigoriou, G.


2nd University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,

Athens Medical School, Aretaieion Hospital, Division of Family Planning, Greece

Introduction: In Greece the number of abortions, seems to

be increased in comparison with other European countries. The method mainly in

use, is surgical vacuum aspiration. The use of misoprostol offers an alternative,

non-invasive method for termination of pregnancy.

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of a single vaginal

dose of 800mg misoprostol for termination of early, unwanted pregnancy, in

outpatient management.

Methods: 92 young women diagnosed for early pregnancy (49–63

days), meeting the criteria for enrollment and wishing to terminate their

pregnancies, were informed about the method, evaluated and planed for a single

vaginal administration of 800 mg misoprostol.

Results: In group A (n=79 /85.86%), complete abortion was

recorded. In group B (n=4 /4.3%), the pregnancy continued and surgical vacuum

aspiration was required. In group C (n=7 /7.6%), incomplete abortion was

revealed and in those cases the dose was repeated with successful results. In

two cases (2.2%), missed abortion was recorded. Repeating vaginal application of

misoprostol, resulted in complete termination of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding

appeared on a mean time of 6–8 hours and had a duration of a mean 9 days.

Evaluation of b-hCG on days 3rd, 7th and 14th revealed a fast drop of 98,4% in

group A, 87,3% in group C and 21,8% in the cases with missed abortion. All cases

were followed-up with transvaginal U/S on days 3,7 and 14.Recording the side

effects of the method, mild pelvic pain was reported in 69% of the cases, nausea

in 18,4%, fever 438 C in one case and headache in 14,1%. No diarrhea episodes

were reported.

Conclusions: One single vaginal dose of misoprostol,

seems to be an effective method for early medical abortion.

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