Specificity of safe contraception in Latvia

Specificity of safe contraception in Latvia

M. Orleana (1), D. Baumane (2)

Faculty of Medicine, Latvia University (1), Medical Centre of Diplomatic

Service (2), Latvia

Introduction: Since 1990 the population rate has decreased from 2,67

million to 2,34 million. The natural growth is still with a minus, although, in

total, the demographic tendences prove to be slow, though positive: the total

number of legal abortions decreases, the birth- rate of population increases. In

the age group from 10- 14 years and from 15- 19 years the young girls start

sexual life earlier, however, 33% do not use any contraceptives at all,

therefore this age group shows the greatest number of abortions when the first

pregnancy sets in. In total, only 19,79% of fertile age women use safe

contraceptives in Latvia.

Conclusions: There are several reasons which promote the slow increase

of demographic indices, the great abortion rate and insufficient use of safe

contraceptive methods: Little interest of state policy in allocating social

allowances. Contraceptives are not included into the list of state reimbursed

medicines in no age grpup and socially disadvantaged group, in difference to

majority of EU countries. Price policy, introducting 5% VAT on medicines, the

fact is unfavourable to patients. Insufficient number of hours in health

education for children and adolescents.

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