Emergency contraception with Postinor

Emergency contraception with Postinor

C. Birladeanu (1), D. Ona (2), M. Simpetrean (3), V. Ona (4)

Family Planning Dept, Student’s Policlinic, Cluj Napoca, Romania (1);

1-St Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Medicine, Cluj-Napoca,

Romania (2); Medical representative, Gedeon-Richter, Romania (3); Medicine

student, University of Medicine, Cluj Napoca, Romania (4)

The unwanted pregnancy is a special problem having an ample psychological and

psyhical impact on the young couple, usualy without sexual education and having

limited sexual experience. The use of an emergency contraception method after an

unprotected sexual contact is reducing the risc of unwanted pregnancy.

Objectives: We followed the contraceptive efficacy of a levonorgestrel

emergency contraceptive – Postinor ( G Richter) and possible side-effects.

Design and method: The study was performed on 100 patients, age bellow

25 years, from a young collectivity, having different level medical knowledge

asking for an emergency contraceptive. In 96 of cases the contraceptive method

request was under 48 hours after intercourse and in 4 cases after this interval

, but not exceeding 72 hours. The emergency contraceptive (Postinor) was taken 2

tablets at 12 hours interval each, following the side effects as nausea and

vomiting, headache, menstrual troubles, respiratory troubles and uterine and

endometrial ultrasonography changes.

Results: In 3 cases (3%) occurs nausea and headache, treated with

symptomatic drugs; menstrual troubles were experimented by 4 cases (4%) and 17

patients (17%) had intermenstrual spotting and nothing especially in the rest of

cases. All cases were evaluated by ultrasonography: in 5 cases (5%) we find

endometrial hyperplasia; as failure of the method we had 3 unwanted pregnancies


Conclusions: In the young women the risk of unwanted pregnancy is a

reality; the current use of Postinor had a contraceptive efficacy of 97% and

non-important side-effects. We recommend the use of this emergency contraceptive

under medical supervision to exclude the possible side-effects.

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