Standard practice preview – a way to solve the new problems in reproductive health services

Standard practice preview – a way to solve the new problems in

reproductive health services

O. Casian-Botez, L. Coca, D.S. Tomosoiu

‘Elena Doamna’ Women’s Wellness Center, Iasi, Romania

Aims: Reproductive health services often use guidelines in dealing

with basic issues (contraceptive, sexually transmitted diseases, genital cancer,

etc.). As the efficiency and quality of the services improve, the number of

patients addressing the Centre increases and, as a result, the number of

problems and situations which are not covered by the guidelines and which

require periodical reviews also increase.

Tools and Methods: The solution adopted by the WWC Iasi was to perform

a Practice Standard Review using the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The

algorithm for conducting the Practice Standard Review was (1) Identifying the

problems by the members of the staff, establishing the research area (Cochrane,

Ovid,Hinari); research for data in the available literature performed by the LRC

coordinator and update of the bibliography; (2) Assembling information,

identifying the efficient practices, choice of the less expensive solution; (3)

Creation of the Practice Standard Review; the dissemination strategy, criteria

for evaluating efficiency, staff compliance; (4) In some cases – pointing out

the possibilities for financial intervention.

Conclusion: The Practice Standard Review was modelled following

repeated modifications and it is not excessively thorough (in some cases,

written Practice Standard Reviews may prove useful). No statistical results and

no original research preformed within the institution are necessary. The review

includes the entire evidence base published, critics, as well as conclusions and

recommendations for practical implementation in our Centre. The Practice

Standard Review is an efficient, flexible and achievable solution for medical

practice and it is highly adapted to the needs of a reproductive health service.

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