Prevention of errors when using oral contraceptives

Prevention of errors when using oral contraceptives

M. Havlín

Gynecology & Obstetrics, Praxis of MUDr. P. Lipert, Prague, Czech


Accurate use of oral hormonal contraception (OHC) is the basic precondition

for the satisfaction of women who use it. One approach to reduce the percentage

of user errors is the use of a compliance card – called Mercilonka in the

Czech Republic. In 1998–2003, all women using low-dose OHC (15–20 mg

ethinylestradiol with various progestins) were interviewed to ascertain the

number of errors and occurrence rate of atypical bleeding. The results for women

using compliance card were compared with those of other women who were not using

the card. Patients using compliance card reported less errors (5.2% versus 8.9%

in the control group) as well as atypical bleedings (4.0% versus 6.8 %). The

pregnancy rate (Pearl index) was lower in the group of compliance card users

(0.02 versus 0.034). Compliance card is appropriate as an aid to reducing the

number of errors and improving the comfort of contraception.

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