Cybermedicine: a step onto the future

Cybermedicine: a step onto the future

M. Caravantes, C. Morin

Agrupación de Clínicas Barnamedic, Barcelona, Spain

General Concept: We aim to measure the improvement rate of the degree

of anxiety and depression (A&D) of the foreign patients who require a

Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) in their second trimester advanced. The survey is

carried out on 100 European patients, on whom it is observed and measured the

rate of diminution of the most frequent symptoms on such cases. We also aim to

improve the social and health assistance through: The Action Line (a 24-hour

main switchboard with multilingual operators) The internet and webcams (cyber-communication

with webcams and audio).

Survey Stages:

Initial survey: it measures the psychological profile of foreign

patients who require a TOP (particular cases of second trimester advanced)

welcomed at Barnamedic clinics. Clínica Ginemedex, C/ Dalmases 61, Barcelona

(Spain) Clínica TCB, C/ Dalmases 34, Barcelona (Spain).

Advanced survey: it measures the diminution of the degree of anxiety

and depression of foreign patients, result of the cyber-data transmission (the

Action Line and the webcams). Cybermedicine, Medical assistance (social and

health) through cybernetic IT support: Webcam (virtual chats and visits to the

clinics between countries). The Action Line (24-hour switchboard with

multilingual operators) E-mail (relevant information and links about the city).

Multilingual conversations in Spanish, Italian, French, German and English).

Conclusions: The diminution of A&D rates is due to the

incorporation of new IT technology, which also aids to decrease the lack of

understanding, information, coordination, uneasiness and restlessness, worries

and the fear of not having taken the right decision. The aforementioned

incorporation of new IT technology aids the increase of responsibility, the

commitment, the reliability and credibility as well as the empathy (humane

customer care) and cordiality between people.

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