Reproductive health care of teenagers

Reproductive health care of teenagers

P.N. Krotin, T.Y. Kozhukhovskaya, N.A. Fedorova, L.V. Merkulova, E.A.

Tovstukha, I.G. Sharanova

St. Petersburg, Russia

For the first time in Russia a city consultative and diagnostic center of

reproductive health of teenager ‘Juventa’ was opened in St. Petersburg in

1993 on the basis of functioning from 1991 gynecological department. The working

schedule of specialists of the center ensures that consultations tests and

treatment are provided to the patients any time at their convenience. In

conformity with the regulation all patients in need of help get it the day they

come to the center. All services provided by the Center are free for children

and teenagers under 18 living in St.Petersburg. The total number of visits has

grown three times: from 76924 in 1994 to 266764 in 2003 10 doctors –

gynecologists, 3 dermatologists-venerologists, 2 andrologists, 2 therapists, a

cosmetology, an endocrinologists, a mammologist, an oculist, a dentist, an

otorhinolaryngologist, a neurologist, a room of functional diagnostics and

ultrasonic tests, laboratories and a medical physical culture department are at

the disposal of young patients.

Early sexual life, spread of sexually transmissible infections among

teenagers, undesired pregnancy and venereal diseases are powerful factors which

prompt a strong need in the opening of a psychotherapeutical room in the

specialized Center. Alongside with the treatment of out-patients, round the

clock counseling of teenagers in need of help is provided by the center ’Juventa’

as well as there is a ‘hot line’. Quite often the ‘Hot line’

conversation is the first link with doctors and teenagers. They are not so

afraid to talk to the doctor and can get qualified advice. Such conversation

without seeing the person you talk to sometimes is followed by visits to doctors

and becomes one of important factors in prevention of various diseases as well

as abortions including criminal, late and sexual violence. The work experience

of doctors of ‘Juventa’ on early diagnostics and treatment of reproductive

system diseases of children and teenagers show that many problems can be solved

in out patient clinics. In the course of implementation of the Russian-Swedish

project ‘13’ started in 1997 youth counseling centers were founded in

conformity with the European standards and principles of clinics amicable to

youth in six districts of the city. Six more youth clinics will be opened in the

city with the support of UNICEF in 2002 since 1999 jointly with UNICEF. Youth

center ‘Juventa’ and Petrograd district youth center have given training to

more than 300 teenagers – leaders which actively participate in popularization

of healthy way of life, protection of reproductive health, prevention of

sexually transmissible diseases, HIV and drugs. The work is carried out in

summer camp and youth clubs in the city.

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