Sexual transmission diseases and AIDS awareness of community in Iran

Sexual transmission diseases and AIDS awareness of community in Iran

M. Rostami Dovom, F. Ramezani Tehrani, F. Hejazi, Sh. Djalalinia

National Research Center for Reproductive Health, Deputy of Research &

Technology, MOHME, Iran

Objectives: STDs/HIV/AIDS infections affect health conditions of

community. Therefore, this study aimed to determine STDs/AIDS related knowledge,

beliefs and behavior of married men regarding STDs/AIDS.

Design & Methods: 5540 men from 4 provinces (Golestan, Bushehr,

Kordestan and Tehran) were interviewed through a standard questionnaire based on

health beliefs model and using statistical tests like as chi-square, t-.test,

Mann-Whitney the results were analyzed.

Results: 47% of men heard about STDs before, and about 43/2% of them

had awareness about HIV/AIDS. Only 1/3 of men knew its transmission ways

correctly. 1/3 of subjects had mentioned abstain from having sexual contact with

the suspected partner as a preventing way. 65% of men knew that use of condom

could prevent STDs/AIDS transmission. But only 1/3 of men knew some healthy

looking person could be infected with HIV/AIDS, and 25% of subjects had

misconception regarding this method.

Conclusion: Efficient STDs/AIDS awareness program is necessary and it

is better to consider this service as an integrated of sex education at

premarriage counseling could promote having safer sex and protecting from STDs/AIDS.

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