Male participation in modern contraception methods using

Male participation in modern contraception methods using

S Djalalinia, F Ramezanitehrani, N Peikari, F Hejazi, M


NRCRH, Deputy of Research & Technology, MOHME, Tehran,


Objective(s) Although It is important motto to note that

family planning is not solely the responsibility of women but that men must

participate in this matter as well , studies show that from a historical point

of view women have always been the focus of family planning activities .The

existence of variance contraceptive methods for women , and having less options

for men , misperception , cultural and religious barriers are some reasons for

less participation of men in family planning programs. This study conducted to

assess of men regarding their participation in family planning.

Design and methods This is a community based, cross –

sectioned analytic study, conducted in 4 provinces of Iran (Golestan, Bushehr,

Kordestan and Tehran). By using systematic randomized sampling method, 200

clusters including 20 eligible families (100 urban & 100 rural clusters),

have been chosen and 5900, 10-49 y/o married men were interviewed. Which UNFPA

provide specific family planning counseling and services them.

Results About 5% of eligible men does not believe in male

participation in family planning and 15% have no idea about how they can

participate. Being agree with their (45%) , using male methods (46%) ,and

providing supportive environment(20%)were mentioned as the most common

participatory ways. 93.9 % of men are familiar at least with one of the modern

contraceptive methods from them 59% have sufficient information about its usage.

85.3% of men who were familiar with contraceptive methods have ever used them

.TL was the most common mentioned method .So this study showed that there is

significant relationship between familiarity with modern methods and their using.

About 20% have not used contraceptive methods despite of their lack of tendency

to have any other child . male or female diseases , afraid of methods’ side

effects , misperception , religious barriers , lack of sufficient knowledge were

mentioned as their reason for not using them.

Conclusion Although because of factors such as physiology

of reproduction , designing of contraception , variety of female methods ,limitations

of male methods ,misconception ,…men less participate in family planning

programs , but the increasing male participation in family planning activities

should be considered as the most important factors determining the effectiveness

of these programs .It is possible through cultural interventions , target group

training , motivational implementation ,and distribution of various modern


KEY WORDS Male, Participation, Modern contraceptive methods.

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