NuvaRing® improves quality of life-results from a clinical experience program in Spain

NuvaRing® improves quality of life-results from a clinical

experience program in Spain

I Lete Lasa

Hospital Santiago Apóstol, Gynecology Department, Vitoria,


Background The choice, effectiveness and acceptability of

a method of contraception largely depends on how that particular method affects

users’ general quality of life (QoL) in addition to their sex lives.

Objective To evaluate whether the use of NuvaRing®, the

monthly contraceptive ring, affected users’ QoL.

Methods A total of 896 Spanish women attending their

family planning centre, hospital or private centre to request contraceptive

advice were recruited to this 6-month observational, multi-centre, prospective,

open study. On study completion, women were asked whether their QoL had improved,

taking into account the method of contraception they were using beforehand.

Women with improved QoL were then asked to choose from the following options to

indicate which aspect(s) had contributed the most to the improvement: a greater

feeling of safety, a feeling that they had greater control of their life, a more

discreet method, an improvement in their state of physical and mental health, an

improvement in sex, an improvement in family relationships, greater enjoyment

from life, all of the above and/or other aspects.

Results Of the 805 women (mean age = 29 ± 6 years) who

started using NuvaRing®, 722 (90%) completed cycle 3 and 595 (74%) completed

cycle 6. Overall, 80% of women said that their QoL had improved after using the

ring. The reasons that contributed most to the improvement were “a greater

feeling of safety” followed by “a greater feeling of control of their

lives”. Women switching to NuvaRing® from another hormonal contraceptive (HC)

method found the ring to be more discreet than those who had previously not used

HC (9.4% vs 5.3%, respectively). Similarly, “an improvement in sex”

was cited by more women who were new to HC compared with those who had switched

from another HC method (13.2% vs 4.2%, respectively), as one of the most

important reasons for their improved QoL.

Conclusions The results show that NuvaRing® improved

women’s QoL, particularly by increasing women’s feeling of safety and of being

in control of their lives.

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