Effectiveness and reasons for discontinuation in Implanon users in Turkish women 

Effectiveness and reasons for discontinuation in Implanon users

in Turkish women 

E. Z. Tuzcular Vural, I. Gönenç, N. Aka, G. Köse 


Numune Education and Research Hospital, Family Planning Unit, Istanbul, Turkey 

Objectives Progestogen-only contraceptive implants are highly effective, easy

to use and reversible methods of contraception . Implanon has been in the

Turkish market since November 2002. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and

reasons for discontinuation in women who chose to use Implanon as a

contraceptive method. 

Design and methods Over a period of 38 months, we

performed 110 insertions of Implanon in our family planning unit. All Implanon

users were evaluated for age, educational status, social security status,

occupational status, obstetric history, future family plans, past contraceptive

methods and reasons for Implanon preference prior insertion. The women were

followed-up at the first week and then at 6-month intervals. Complications and

complaints were evaluated and dealt with counselling and/or medical guidance.

Removal requests were evaluated and reasons of discontinuation were noted. Women

were counselled about new methods if they did not want to use implants. 


There were a total of 110 insertions and 45 removals.37.8% of the removals were

because the lifespan of the implant had ended.47.1% had new implants inserted

immediately, whereas 17.7% claimed they wanted a new insertion but could not

afford it. Other reasons for discontinuation included bleeding disturbances

(17.8%), depression (13.3%), wish to conceive (11.1%), mastalgia (4.4%) and

gaining weight (4.4%). We had one unintended pregnancy which was terminated on

the user’s request and one difficult removal. 

Conclusions Implanon is a

long-acting, effective and safe contraceptive method. It is worth noting that

64.7% of the users in which the lifespan of the implant had ended requested a

new insertion. This shows that with careful counseling and proper user selection,

Implanon will have a significant place in the contraceptive methods list.

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