How does the impact of contraceptive methods on sexual life quality influence women’s choices and usage of them

How does the impact of contraceptive methods on sexual life

quality influence women’s choices and usage of them 

A. Akyuz, A. Kilic, A.

Ustunsoz, H. Vural 

Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Turkey 

This research

is a qualitative study, which was performed to determine the influence on

women’s choices and usage of contraceptive methods by considering their impact

on sexual life. 

Method This research was performed between 1-30 December 2005.

During this period, totally 23 women have applied to the Family Planning service

but 10 out of them who have used a method for at least one year permanently were

eligible to be involved in this study. The data were evaluated through content


The findings are grouped in four main category as; women’s

contraceptive choices and using these methods; effects of the methods on sexual

life; husband involvement in decision for the method; their priorities and

partners’ priorities according to them. 

Results The average age of the women

who have participated this research is 32.8±9.2. In the time duration, half of

the participants were using IUD, 3 of them were using coitus interraptus, one of

them was using oral contraceptive and one of them was using preservative (condom)

as the contraceptive method. All the participants have used different methods in

the past. 

Half of the participants started to use their current method by

consulting to a doctor, 3 of them started by deciding with their partners and 2

of them started upon the request of their partner. Nine of the participants

didn’t consider the impact of the contraceptive method on their sexual life

while choosing the method. 

When the impact of contraceptive method on the sexual

life is investigated, the following results were obtained. About all the women

who used IUD method stated they had difficulty in their sexual life because of

the increase in menstrual bleeding time and leakage (discharge). All three women

who used coitus interraptus method declared that their sexual life is affected

because they always had a fear of being pregnant. 4 women who used oral

contraceptive method stated that they were nervous during sexual relation

because this method has decreased their sexual desire or make them feel

quick-tempered. The first reason to select a method for a woman is its effect of

preventing pregnancy; the second reason is the side effects. When it is asked to

arrange the methods according to their partner’s decision, primary cause is its

effect on sexuality and the second is avoiding pregnancy. 

Conclusion It would

be helpful to increase the awareness of the healthcare personnel about the

effect of contraceptive methods on sexual life. t was evaluated that,

emphasizing the AP methods on sexual relations while educating the families

would increase the selection and usage of the methods.

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