Contraception counselling – induced abortion in women with cesarean section scar

Contraception counselling – induced abortion in women with

cesarean section scar 

G. Fan 

Union Hospital, Beijing, China 

Objectives To

discuss the importance of counselling to clients when providing contraceptive

methods and to recommend the technique of counselling. 

Methods Face to face

interview with clients 

Results Some general tips in counselling: (1) Privacy

should be taken care of during counselling. The counselling doctor should be

friendly and show great interest to the needs of the client. (2) When asking

questions the doctor should encourage the client to participate in conversation

and to express her /his needs for contraception and should listen patiently to

any request. (3) Decision making: Help the client to make decision on choice of

contraceptive methods, help client to compare methods and find the one that

suits her needs and preferences, to narrow down options and to confirm method of

choice. (4) Provide information of methods that interest the client or that

suits her /his needs. Save details on using the method until client has

expressed a choice. Let clients change their minds if they wish, (5).Focus on

clients’ needs: Doctor is accepting the client’s concerns, values and lifestyle

and not expressing unhelpful judgments. Encourage clients to talk. (6) Problem

solving: Help new clients to plan for correct and consistent method. Help

returning clients with any problems. Take all concerns seriously. 


Good counselling can raise acceptability of contraceptive methods and decrease

termination rate. Based on the full understanding of scientific knowledge of

each contraceptive method, the client could make her own correct choice of a

suitable .method Thus, good counselling may in turn raise the effectiveness of a

chosen contraceptive method.

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