IUD – The key contraceptive method in China

IUD – The key contraceptive method in China

Shangchun Wu


Family Planning Institute, Beijing, China

Objectives To introduce the state of

art of IUD use in China.

Methods Clinical studies and Systemic Reviews of IUDs

are selected from literatures. Government regulations and documents are also

being reviewed.

Results Nearly 50% of married women in reproductive age who

practices contraception are using intrauterine device (IUD). The government

attaches important attention to the manufacture and quality of IUDs, the service

delivery, as well as research of IUDs. Rural women could have IUD service free

of charge, which include costs for insertion, follow ups and removal. More than

twenty types of IUD are currently being used. The most popularly used IUDs are

TCu380, TCu220C, MultiloadCu375. The uterine shaped IUDs and different types of

indomethacin- releasing IUDs are developed in China. The increment of menstrual

bleeding induced by IUD could be controlled by using indomethacin-releasing IUDs.

Levonorgestrel releasing IUS (Mirena) are provided in some major cities in

China. The high effectiveness and health benefits of Mirena are well recognized

and acceptable to women, particularly to those with profuse menstrual bleeding.

Facing too many types of IUD products, some national key projects and the

Systemic Review for relevant literatures had been carried out. The evidences

will be used for government purchase, service delivery and the informed choice

of the IUDs.

Conclusions IUD is well accepted by parous women due its long

acting and reversibility. To insure the quality of service, more interventions

will be needed, which include creating and application of research evidences,

government support, training and counselling.

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