Fertility pattern and family planning in the Arab sector of Ahwaz, 2004

Fertility pattern and family planning in the Arab sector of

Ahwaz, 2004

M Sharifi, S Nouhjah, F Shokrolahi

West Health Center, Ahwaz/Khuzestan,


Families with numerous children are a common phenomen in the

Arab countries. Ahwaz(center

of Khuzestan) population is about 1.5 million,over 50% of Ahwaz population is


has the second growth rate in the Iran. This article describes fertility style

and family planning practice in Arab women.

In a cross-sectional study 250 Arab

women who attendies to family planning clinic in health centers were comared

with 250 women of other races. Detailed questionnaire was prepared which included

socio-demographic details and question about obstetric history and contraceptive


Data were collected from 15 health centers in Arab sector of

Ahwaz (center

of Khuzestan, province of Iran) 2004. The questionnaire was completed by the clinic

staff, who interviewed all the women ages 30-40 years.

Overall 28.8 % of

these women were married before age of 18. Age of marriage was different between

the two groups (p=0.02).

Education, gravida, parity kind of delivery was different

between two groups (p<0.001). Also results of our study showed significant differences between two groups in space between pregnancies, rate of consanguineous marriage and history of congenital anomalies in their pregnancies (p<0.001).

Fertility rate in Ahwaz is high and in Arab sector is higher.Family planning

program is an essential need in Arab sector of Ahwaz.

KEY WORDS Family planning, Arab

countries, Fertility

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