Does a NuvaRing® user profile exists?

Does a NuvaRing® user profile exists?

M. C. Landa, E. Gimenez,

R. Mora, J. M. Serrano, D. Alvarez, and I. Lete

Basque Contraception Society,

Basque Country, Spain

Background The availability of new methods and guidelines

on contraception field made us wonder whether there exists a specific user

profile for each method.

Objective To approach to women characteristics and

needs in order to adequate the contraceptive advice.

Methods A total of 945

women accepted to participate in this cross-sectional, descriptive, multicentre

study carried out at 17 public and private centres in the Basque Country between

September and December 2005. Women aged between 18 and 49 attending specific

contraception consultations were recruited after receiving advice about the

various combined hormonal methods and being offered the opportunity of using the

MCR. Furthermore all women were asked to answer a questionnaire about lifestyle

specifically design for that purpose that contained 50 questions. The duration

of the questionnaire was around 10 min, and could be answered either at the

doctor’s office or at women’s house.

Results From the total of women that

participated in the study, 471 agree to answer the questionnaire and 62% of them

accept to use MCR. We did not find significant differences in terms of

acceptability of the MCR and having a traditional or modern behaviour, healthy

and well-being cares (nutrition habits, exercise, smoking habit, image,

stressing work, importance of sexual life), leisure time (sports, trips), mass

media (paper press, radio or TV programs preferred) and home equipment

(internet, mobile). The only differences we found were: more acceptances in

higher study levels, tampon usage, knowing the

method before counselling trough friends, family and doctors.

Conclusions The

MCR can be accepted by a high percentage of women and it seems there is not a

definite user profile. Accordingly, it can be offered to any type of woman.

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