Prophylaxis of side effects of hormonal contraceptive Magne-B6

Prophylaxis of side effects of hormonal contraceptive


V.N. Prilepskaya, N.M. Nazarova, E.A. Mejevitinova

Research Center of

Obstet., Gynec and Perinat, Moscow, Russia

Objectives Study of Magne-B6 effect

on adaptational features in women during oral contraception use.

Materials and methods One hundred and fifty somatically healthy women

(18 – 39 years old) having no

contraindications to OC. Group 1 consisted of 75 women who used low-dose OC

containing 30mcg ethinylestradiol and 150 mcg desogestrel, group 2 included 75

women using Magne-B6 during 2-3 months. Along with clinical methods of study

arterial pressure and body mass were measured, blood tests for hemostasis, blood

lipid spectrum, extended colposcopy, cytological tests, ultrasound examinations

were applied.

Results Side effect were registered in 28% (22) of women of group

1 and in 13.3% (10) in group 2. The most frequent side effects in the 1st group

were as follows: mastalgia (10.6%), mastodynia (10.6%), intramenstrual discharge

(8%), anxiety (2.6%), vomiting 5.2%. Among the patients of group 2 the most

typical were intramenstrual spotting.

Conclusion The use of modern low-dose

estrogen-gestagen contraceptives simultaneously with short-term use of Magne-B6

may contribute to the decrease of side effect rate during the period of 3-months

adaptation of OC use thus improving its tolerance. Further investigations are


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