10th Congress of the

European Society of Contraception

“Non-contraceptive impact of contraception

and family planning” 



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

 The final

announcement is now available as pdf file (1,509 mB)>>>

Time is passing very quickly and it will soon

be 10 years since we met in 1998 at the Prague Hilton Hotel at the

occasion of the 5th ESC Congress. Much was changed since that time – not

only in our personal life or in Prague, but also in the field of

contraception and reproductive health.


Allow us to invite you to Prague again for

the 10th Congress of the European Society of Contraception (ESC). The

Hilton Hotel is now too small for us and we have had to move to the much

larger Prague Congress Centre. Its unique position, on the top of one of

the Prague hills, overlooks the city. The Center offers a beautiful view

of the famous Prague skyline, with the silhouette of Prague Castle

reflected in waters of the Vltava river and as well as beautiful parks,

numerous churches, towers, palaces and ancient historic buildings of the

city center.


The Congress Scientific Committee received

many valuable suggestions for topics and speakers. After careful

consideration of all these suggestions, the committee has drafted the

scientific programme, bringing together current topics and excellent

speakers. To make the programme even more attractive, a considerable

proportion is interactive including meet the expert sessions, workshops

and fora. For the first time, each ESC Expert Group will organize its

own session, and young scientists are invited to organize one slot. We

are happy that many eminent speakers have already accepted our



Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is

a great place to visit. In the Middle Ages it was considered one of the

most beautiful cities of the world, receiving attributes like Golden

Prague or city of a hundred

towers. Today Prague contains one of the largest

collections of historic sights, with a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic,

Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture.


Come to Prague and enjoy not only the

Congress’ scientific programme, but also the hospitality of our people

and the atmosphere of the Golden City.

We are confident that the upcoming 10th ESC Congress, as well as Prague

itself, will stay in your memory for a long time. Don’t miss it!


Sincerely Yours,


D. Cibula

V. Unzeitig

President of the European Society of

Contraception and Congress President

Vice President of the 10th Congress


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