Béla Veszprémi

University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine,  Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology


contracepion  (EC) is defined as any

drug or device wich will prevent pregnancy after intercourse has taken place.

EC is indicated after unprotected intercourse, and for couples who experience and

recognize a failure of barrier method. It is recommended when oral

contraceptive pills have been forgotten to take three or more pills. Routine

methods of EC are hormonal poscoital agents, IUD-s, Mifepristone.  Hormonal EC efficacy decreases in relation

to the delay between intercourse and the time of treatment. In Hungary in 2003.

59 EC out-patient clinics are available .

The total number of patients was 15546 in 2002. The majority of patients (56%)

was 15-20 years old. The reason for seeking 

emergency contraceptive gynecological care was most frequently

unprotected sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, just a few patients came back

for control examination. Over the past years the number of abortions has been

decreased especially among women under age of 20 years, however, the importance

of education should further be emphasized in the adolescent group.

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