introduction 7th seminar



cordially invite you to take part in the ESC Seminar which will take place in

Budapest on the 12 and 13th of September 2003. The aim of the

seminar is to have the opportunity to share current

practice and thoughts from around Europe and to learn

from them by having plenty of time for discussion.


this aim we have structured the meeting to have European speakers who will give

an overall picture or raise specific controversial or

informative points. These will be followed by ample

discussion time and then lead into interactive workshops where the

information can be added to with information from all over Europe.


workshop will have two leaders who will co-ordinate it and feed back the main

points to the whole group at the end. These will also be

written up and be available on the ESC website. It

is hoped that they will be the beginning of ongoing discussion groups



Saturday afternoon session will have a Hungarian focus and allow for further

local aspects to be discussed.


speakers will be either ESC Board members from all over Europe or eminent

Hungarians. We hope to finalise the speakers very soon and

they will be available online as soon as they have confirmed their availability.


will be a poster session on Saturday lunchtime and posters are invited on any

of the themes of the Seminar. The posters will be judged and

the best awarded a prize.


hope that you will be joining us for an exciting seminar on Budapest’s finest

green spot, Margaret Island (Margitsziget), located

in the middle of the river Danube!




of the 7th ESC Seminar


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