Statement of the European Society of Contraception


of the European Society of Contraception





Clemence Ross-van Dorp 

Staatssecretaris voor

Ethiek, Sport, Ouderen en


Ministerie van

Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport 

Postbus 20350 

2500 EJ Den Haag 

The Netherlands

Brussels/Nijmegen, 26 May 2006


To the attention of Mrs Clemence Ross-van Dorp

State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport

The Board of Directors of the

European Society of Contraception (ESC) has been informed of the proposal put

forward by Mrs Ross van Dorp, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health of

The Netherlands, to require all women with a pregnancy of less than 6 weeks and

two days who do not wish to continue with their pregnancy, to wait for a period

of 5 days after first referral, irrespective of their personal conviction and

certainty of their decision.

The ESC has always looked to The Netherlands as a

country offering a role model for sexual health in Europe and we support the

idea that every woman needs to have enough time to reach her decision but this

period can vary.

The Board of Directors of the ESC wishes to express a serious

concern that this proposal will lead to unnecessary delay, with potential

psychological and medical consequences, for those women who have arrived at a

clear decision to terminate their pregnancy.

We respectfully request that you

reconsider this proposal in the interest of the health of women.

On behalf of the

Board (representing 28 European countries)


Olga Loeber

ESC Secretary General 

[email protected]










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