Some possibilities and problems in sexual education programs in different European countries


Some possibilities and problems in sexual education programs

in different European countries

Krzysztof Sieja,

Department of Menopause and Andropause, Pomeranian Medical

University in Szczecin

Sexual education is considered to be one of the most difficult

educational problems in children and adolescents. Analyzing reports on sexual

education it can be stated that in different European countries various sexual

education programs are functioning. The presented report is an attempt to

compare approaches to sexual education in different countries.

The questionnaire results pointed out that the role of the

teachers and form tutors in sexual education in Poland is far too low. In Poland

only one-third young adult showed the school as the basic reliable source of

sexual education. The media are the general educational sources.

A question arises: had sexual education in schools resulted in

later sexual debut? The results of studies should be cautiously interpreted

since the change in sexual knowledge and practices with the time passage may

have been caused by factors other than sexual education. This education may

increase knowledge but may not effectively change behavior.

It may be stated that sexual models in countries of Northern

Europe are more liberal while in Southern Europe ones are more restrictive. In

many programs it can be stated „mixed” or „borderline” models of sexual

education. Polish model of sexual education is more similar to the model

existing in Southern European countries. The said model is primarily connected

with preparing for the future marital and familial roles. In this type of sexual

education the parenthood is recognized as being main value and the goal of human


Key words: programs of sexual education, contraception, sexual

behavior, sexual initiation, sexual activity, adolescents, parenthood, family.

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