Comparison of modern methods of contraception among teenagers


Comparison of modern methods of contraception among teenagers

O.V. Gorbunova – candidate of medical sciences, assistant

professor; A.V. Voznyuk – clinical fellow

Department of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology

, Kiev medical academy of postgraduate studies, Kiev, Ukraine

Adherence of young persons to independence and popularity among

their friends and neighbors lead to early start of sexual life. Relations in

between teenagers often have superficial and temporary nature, which lead to

episodical or frequent sexual contacts with different partners. That’s why

questions of contraception among juveniles are extremely actual and are

conditioned by such causes: 1) risqu of undesirable consequences (pregnancy;

genital infections); 2) lack of sexual education before early start of sexual

life; 3) lack of physical, psychological, social preparation of sexual partners

to reproduction and childbearing. Aim of our research is to compare efficacy,

safety, comfort and availability of different methods of contraception among

teenagers of 15-18 years. We supervised after 315 young girls of 15-18 years,

who had sexual contacts and used different methods of contraception. They were

divided into six groups: 1) coitus interruptus – 138; 2) condoms – 51; 3) oral

contraceptives – 33; 4) intrauterine devices – 31; 5) postcoital contraception –

17; 6) spermicides – 45. In the group of coitus interruptus effectivity was

81,2% (112 persons); those using condoms – 88,2% (45 persons); in the group of

oral contraceptive users – 96,97% (32 persons); postcoital contraception – 94,1%

(16 persons), spermicides users – 80% (36 persons). Despite of this 9 young

girls made an abortion in terms of 5-6 weeks – 22,2% (2 persons), at 12 weeks –

66,7 % (6 persons), from 12 to 22 weeks – 11,1% (1 person). A group of 36 girls

become juvenile primaparas. In our opinion the optimal and safe method of

contraception among juveniles are condoms. The most comfortable method in girl’s

opinion is intrauterine device, but it can be used only after careful and

thorough consultation by gynecologist and when there are absolutely no

contraindications and requires the doctor attention at the initial and

consecutive regular visits. Easily available methods are condoms and oral

contraceptives. Coitus interruptus among juveniles is very popular, because it

doesn’t require any financial expenditure. However, this method requires

careful consulting. Danger of premature and unforeseen ejaculation, possibility

of getting sperm from urethra to vagina during the next coitus brings down the

efficacy of this method.

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