Sexual education – human right or privilege


Sexual education – human right or privilege

A. Luca, O. Iancu,

Ascensium association, Sibiu, Romania


Improving the access to high quality assistance in family planning and

increasing the informational level as part of reproduction health care;


of the teenagers from Sibiu County regarding conception and contraception as an

important way of improving their reproductive health.



Organising training lessons of “Sexual Education” in schools and high –

schools, in Sibiu County – teenagers aged between 14 and 19;


of informative leaflets regarding “Sexual Education” through street



teenagers in using the Family Planning Department.

Results: The idea of continuing the discussions on the

sexual education theme with messages sent by e-mail was received with enthusiasm.

Over the year we received many questions from participants. In order, they

received answers to their questions and when it was necessary, they were

encouraged to visit the specialty departments.

In the same time, we achieved our aims regarding student’s

acquiring of the information package about sexual transmitted diseases and how

to prevent them. We encourage them to consult the doctor in case of specially

symptoms. Although, the students are used to the main contraception methods,

with the advantages and disadvantages of each method and they learned how to use

them correctly.

Conclusion: The development of the international

standards regarding the eligibility criteria and practice recommendation for

using contraception, represent just an aspect of qualitative health reproduction

improvement; the necessity of realistic and applicable strategies at a national

level, which consist in concrete decision plans regarding sexual education and

contraception; the necessity of introducing health education programmes in

curricular area of the educational institutes.

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