Report from the Youth Forum

Report from the Youth Forum

The consumers point of view

With the participation of students from Hungary, Russia,

Czech Republic and Poland

Chair : Olga Loeber (Netherlands) and Ulla Ollendorf (Norway)

This active workshop started with the introduction of the forum and then

several topics concerning sex education were discussed with the forum and the


The take home messages from the forum can be summarized as follows:

  1. Sex education should be continuous and start at an early age (preschool).

    At this stage it should be done by parents and include information about

    physical differences between boys and girls and behavioural aspects like

    equal rights between boys and girls.

  2. Later at school age sex education should: a- contain knowledge about

    fertility, body development, facts about contraception and prevention of

    unwanted consequences. This part should be standardized, checked and updated

    to enhance quality and could well be provided by school teachers. b- deal

    with behaviour and communica- tion, homosexuality, the development of sexual

    behaviour in life etc. This part could be provided by specialized trainers

    or peer educators

  3. The taboo concerning talking about sexuality by parents and teachers

    should be reduced.

  4. The method ‘Nine Steps of Sexuality’ seems a good method of dealing

    with sex education.

  5. Sexuality has dark sides in all of us. These should also be addressed.

    Protection against coercion and other unwanted behaviour could be done by

    enhancing self respect and self esteem.

  6. The main focus of sex education should be on the positive sides of sex.
  7. Boys should be taught what girls think and vice versa.
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