PATH: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health: gamesbook



Program for Appropriate Technology in Health: gamesbook


 by Juliana Slobodian 
This is a training course in English and in Russian on

sexual education. It was developed by a volunteer of the

Voluntary Service Overseas. She was posted in the

Sverdlovsk Oblast Family Planning Centre in Ekaterinburg. 

The training course describes not only the theory of

sexual education, but also contains a host of tools to

use in different settings, training of staff members,

programmes for parents and the sexuality education of

young people. It is comprehensive and complete, so that

anyone willing to set up a programme can find here the

know how to accomplish this.

Training course in English >>> (405 kB) (749 kB)
Training course in Russian >>> (1,275 mB)


downloads >>>

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