Free Communications 1


of the 8th ESC Congress Edinburgh



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Communications 4: New developments in contraception, sexual and

reproductive health

Self-administration of Depot Provera (DMPA)

– the way forward 

F. Lakha (UK) Abstract
Vaginohysteroscopic approach for ESSURE

procedure: the experience of 317 cases 

A. Ubeda (Spain) Abstract
A live 3D ultrasound system with colour

Doppler to study the effect of sildenafil on erectile performance in

patients with chronic and serious diseases presenting with erectile


R. Chatterjee (UK) Abstract
Can we trust symptoms?  P.-A. Märdh (Sweden) Abstract
Maintenance of spermatogenic

suppression by etonogestrel implants with depot testosterone 

M. Walton (UK) Abstract
Novial® effectively reduces seborrhea

and acne after four cycles of treatment 

H.T. Kränzlin (Germany) Abstract
Maintenance of consistent ovulation

inhibition with the 75 mcg desogestrel-only contraceptive pill Cerazette®

after scheduled 12-hour delays in tablet intake 

T. Korver (The Netherlands) Abstract


Communications 5: Emergency contraception – sexual behaviour

Sexual behaviour and use of

contraception among adolescents in Sweden 

T. Tydén (Sweden) Abstract
Impact of common contraceptive methods

on sexuality – a study in Hong Kong Chinese women 

R.H.W. Li (Hong Kong SAR) Abstract
Community pharmacy supply of emergency

contraception: changes in user profiles over time 

K. Black (UK) Abstract
Emergency contraception and the media:

an analysis of English national and regional newspaper coverage from

September 2000 to September 2003 

P. Kingori (UK) Abstract
Introduction of a 24-hour toll free

hotline for Youth Emergency Contraceptive services in a developing


P.S. Steyn (South Africa) Abstract
The remaining barriers to the use of

emergency contraception: perception of pregnancy risk among women

undergoing induced abortions 

C. Moreau (France) Abstract
Advance provision of emergency

contraception through Family Planning Clinics: a feasibility study 


Kasliwal (UK)



Communications 6: STIs – medical and ethical issues – risk


Postal testing kits for Chlamydia


K. Carrick-Anderson (UK) Abstract
Risk factors for Chlamydia trachomatis

genital infection in adolescent females

K. Sedlecki (Serbia and Monte Negro) Abstract
Combined oral contraceptives and weight

gain in young women 

M. Lech (Poland) Abstract
Clinician’s attitudes and utilization

of a chaperone for intimate examinations within a Contraceptive and

Reproductive Health Care Service 

L. Murray (UK) Abstract
Sexual health care of street

prostitutes – a holistic approach

S.V. Carr (UK) Abstract
Women’s attitudes towards, and

experience of, long-acting contraception 

K. Wellings (UK) Abstract
Community mobilization for better


S.H. Djalalinia (Iran) Abstract



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