Transfallopian expulsion of IUCD – a case report

Transfallopian expulsion of IUCD – a case report 

I. Samardziski, Gl.

Dimitrov, J. Georgievska, K. Daneva, M. Pachemski 

Department of Obstetrics and

Gynaecology, University of Skopje, Macedonia 

Introduction: The intrauterine

contraceptive device (IUCD) is efficacious and relatively safe contraceptive,

used by the number of women in the reproductive period. Many side- effects of

IUCD have been reported. The most common are uterine perforation, unwanted

pregnancy (intrauterine or ectopic) and genital inflammatory process. 

A case

report: a report about the 22-year old woman, with three children, the last

one-five months old baby that she stopped nursing a month after the birth. Three

weeks before the examination she was inserted IUCD, type NOVA. The third day

after the insertion, her second, 2-year old child, fell on her abdomen while she

slept. She felt severe short-duration pain in the lower, right part of the

abdomen. The next few days, she felt periodically sharp ‘pricking’ in the

abdomen during the physical activity and sexual intercourse. The physical

examination showed the absence of the IUCD thread and painful sensitivity in the

right adnexal region. The ultrasound study showed empty uterus and IUCD shadow

in the Douglas cavity. Explorative laparoscopy was indicated. During the

intervention, an empty uterus was registered, while one of the IUCD side arms

protruded from the abdominal aperture of the right fallopian tube. The IUCD was

removed simply by drawing out from the fallopian tube. The next day the woman

was dismissed from hospital. 

Conclusion: The mechanism of the described unusual

case of transfallopian expulsion of IUCD may be the result of the severe

abdominal trauma.

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