A survey of Norplant and DMPA: effects on women’s weight and blood pressure

A survey of Norplant and DMPA: effects on women’s weight and blood


Shohreh.ziaei, N. Fatheizadeh, A. Ghahirie

Isfahan University, Nursing-midwifery, Isfahan, Iran

Introduction: Any method of contraception has its own benefits and

misuses. None of these methods may be clinically applicable to all.

Effectiveness of contraceptive methods is of great importance when they are

taken into account in (birth control programmer). Effectiveness and recklessness

of the method plays a crucial part in women. Searching some contraceptive

methods, human found long-term, effective methods, among which DMPA which is an

acupunctural method and Norplant which are the most effective, contraceptive

methods, with very low error coefficient, may be named.

Methods: The present survey is an analytical, descriptive study and

retrospective cohort In this study, 184 women referring to the selected clinics

in Isfahan city received DMPA and Norplant. Having taken then for a period of 3–6

months up to the time of sampling, they were surveyed for changes in their

weights and blood pressures. To analyze the data, T Test and variance analysis

were applied.

Results: T-Test showed a significant difference between women’s

weight before taking. Regarding systolic and diastolic changes in contraceptive

methods we found just a significant difference in systolic pressure of the

Norplant group at the time of entering the Clinic and 6 months later

Discussion: Although Norplant and DMPA affect on weight and systolic

and diastolic pressures, these effects are not so significant. Anyway, those who

use these methods should be controlled biannually for weight and blood pressure

so that within time diagnosis, another alternative be replaced.

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