Promotion and prevention in the systems of health

Promotion and prevention in the systems of health

K. Messan-Kplaka

Ajaah-Togo, Lome, Togo

Integration of promotion and the medical prevention is very depending. The

basic community, the district for example remains the ideal framework to ensure

this integration which will cuts to support one associations of the Young people

fighting for has better health. The state in this box will cuts to ensure

coordination and the legal facility by creation of network gathering all the

sectors so have to make practical all the medical decisions and programs decided

At the bases within the framework of the national dialogues of medical policy.

Does will this dialogue cut to gather all the components of the company and

especially associations of defense and promotion of health such have for example,

the Association of the People living room with the VIH/SIDA, the handicapped

people, the diabetics. In medical shorts to allow the democracy to be real drunk

without has participation of all in medical programs, any assured guarantee of

success is not. Very of ten the populations remain refractory because of the

taboos and prohibits received gold lived. Then it would be necessary that the

state makes call at organizations gold associations for execution of the

programs of health; what naturally full call adhesion the medical state must

raise the secrecy and inform the populations one the epidemy risks. The

recognition of the state one existence of the aids in the countries in africa

was late. What increased the progression of the virus. Another example is the

will cholera which prevails in hot period. The government of Togo always denied

existence of this evil which however made devastations. stigmatization and

discrimination its money current in our countries, we dont’t want that for our


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