Case report Implanon and pregnancy

Case report Implanon and pregnancy

I. Gönenç, E.Z. Tuzcular

Vural, N. Karagüzel, G. Köse, N. Aka

Haydarpaca Numune Education and Research

Hospital, Family Planning Unit, Istanbul, Turkey

Background A 33 year old woman,

OD, G4P2Y2C2, using an Implanon implant since 11.03.2003 reported with a

complaint of nausea. She had been amenorrheic since the implant had been

inserted. She did not have any worries about not having her periods then on

because she was told that this method is safe, highly effective and may cause

amenorrhoea. Her physical and gynecological examination revealed only a bigger

than normal size uterus, with the size of an approximately seven week pregnancy.

Her pregnancy test was positive. The ultrasound scan showed an intrauterine

pregnancy of 6 weeks and 1 day. The examination of the implant showed that it

was properly inserted and was still in situ. When we deepened her medical history,

she had a history of depression and was currently using venlafaxin 75 mg PO

daily as antidepressant therapy. Her pregnancy was terminated on her request and

an IUD was fitted after the procedure. 

Conclusion Although the pregnancy rates

are very low for implantable contraception, the users should be informed of the

fact that pregnancies are possible. Doctors and providers of family planning

services should perform a pregnancy test in any doubt, in all reproductive age

women regardless of the contraceptive method used.

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