poster session 10



nr. title 1st


P181 Enhancement of the specific advantages of the drospirenone-containing pill by long-cycle contraception

A.O. Mueck (Germany) abstract
P182 Is Evra, a transdermal, once-weekly, combined contraceptive patch cost-effective compared to

combined oral contraceptives?

F.A. Sonnenberg (USA) abstract
P183 Effect of oral contraceptives on endogenous estradiol metabolism

A.O. Mueck (Germany) abstract
P184 New FDA approved latex-free contraceptive device: FemCap

A. Shihata (USA) abstract
P185 New combined oral contraceptive containing drospirenone and changes in body weight during six

usage cycles

D. Driák (Czech Republic) abstract
P186 First pill teach

K. Guthrie (UK) abstract
P187 An assessment of the use of Implanon® in Luton

A. Agrawal (UK) abstract
P188 Can there be a genetic background of the primary idiopathic infertility? The leukemia-inhibitory factor

gene mutations in the population of infertile women

Z. Rokyta (Czech Republic) abstract
P189 Using menstrual data to time the administration of mifepristone as once-a-month contraceptive pill

N. Narvekar (UK) abstract
P190 Determinants of use of the monthly contraceptive ring – a study of the Basque Society of


R. Lertxundi (Spain) abstract
P191 NuvaRing does not interact with oral antibiotics

P. Dogterom (The Netherlands) abstract
P192 NuvaRing does not affect bone mineral density in pre-menopausal women

R. Massai (Chile) abstract
P193 Holistic sexual health care in recipients of high dose chemotherapy or chemo-radiotherapy and bone

marrow transplantation for haematological malignancy presenting with sexual dysfunction

R. Chatterjee (UK) abstract
P194 Office hysteroscopic sterilization using the Essure micro-insert device

M. Martinho (Portugal) abstract
P195 Low-dose mifepristone inhibits endometrial proliferation and up-regulates androgen and glucocorticoid


N. Narvekar (UK) abstract
P196 Does use of the combined oral contraceptive pills cause changes in nasal physiology in young women?

C.M. Philpott (UK) abstract
P197 Uterine manipulation with plastic suction curette at combined abortion and sterilization

A.K. Banerjee (UK) abstract
P198 Prevention of errors when using oral contraceptives

M. Havlín (Czech Republic) abstract
P199 Cycle control with NuvaRing is superior to a 30 mg ethinylestradiol oral contraceptive

K. Oddsson (Iceland) abstract

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