Name and position


and position

  • Alison

    Bigrigg is Director of the Sandyford Initiative in Glasgow, Scotland.

    The Sandyford is an integrated Family Planning, Genitourinary Medicine

    and Counselling service which serves a population of approximately 1.5

    million and has over 300 staff. The Sandyford is fully funded by the

    National Health Service.

  • Alison

    also acts as an Advisor to the Scottish Executive through her role on

    the National Sexual Health Advisory Committee and various other groups.

  • From

    2000 – 2005, Alison Bigrigg was President of the Faculty of Family

    Planning & Reproductive Health of the Royal College of

    Obstetricians & Gynaecologists. This is a professional

    organisation representing over 11,000 doctors working in Family

    Planning. The role of the Faculty is to set Standards, oversee

    training and education in the field as well as promoting

    evidence-based medicine and research.

  • Alison

    is 46 years old and married with two children.





has been a Member of the ESC since 1997 and a Board Member of the ESC

since 1998.


of expertise/interest

  • For

    the past 5 years, Alison has worked full time in Sexual &

    Reproductive Health.

  • Prior

    to this, she was a generalist in hospital Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    and held an academic appointment in the University of Bristol.

  • She

    has published over 90 articles in peer review Journals.

  • Areas

    of research range from new methods of contraception through service

    delivery to the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology.


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