Peer education of reproductive health among youth

Peer education of reproductive health among youth

F Ramezanitehrani, H Malekafzali, N Peikari, S Djalalinia,

F Hejazi

NRCRH, Deputy of Research & Technology, MOHME, Tehran,


Objective(s) Peer education is considered as the most

effective method for improving reproductive health awareness , attitude and

practice among youth. This interventional study has been conducted in order to

youth health promotion.

Design and method An interventional study has been

conducted in Qazvin Medical University and 24 students have been selected

according to their knowledge, communication skills ,having team work experiences

,and etc through interview peer promoters. These students have been trained in

different aspects of reproductive health. A pre interventional study has been

done before establishing of these peer promoters activity among university

student who has recruited randomly. The students education and counselling was

performed through formal and informal method. A post interventional study has

been conducted after 9 month in order to find its effectiveness.

Results The average reproductive awareness of university

students has been increased significantly and 73.4% of students who received

this service were satisfied. They said that the peer promoters were succeed in

problem solving specially among sensitive subjects such as contraception using ,

sexual reproductive problems , marriage counselling . The most important topic

that here to be considered in peer educators were: relationship between boys

& girls (47/8%), Marriage (30/4%) , sexual problems (12/2%) , STI /

AIDS(4/8%), pregnancy (3/3%) and family planning (1/5%). 87/1% of students

believed peer education is an acceptable and useful method for reproductive

health education and has be considered for future training.

Conclusion Peer education and counselling reproductive

health should be consider as satisfied method to improve youth health.

KEY WORDS  Peer education, reproductive health ,youth

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