Contraception usage in Turkey: Intrauterine devices

Contraception usage in Turkey: Intrauterine devices

E. Zeynep and Tuzcular Vural

Haydarpasa Numune Education and Research Hospital, Family

Planning Unit, Istanbul

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are highly effective, safe,

reversible methods of contraception which are independent of intercourse and

have no known systemic effects. Being cost-effective and long-acting, IUDs are

preferred by many women world wide. There are three types of IUDs currently

being used: inert IUDs, copper IUDs and medicated IUDs. The most suitable

candidates for IUD use are parous women who have a monogamous relationship and

low risk for STIs and who want a reversible but long-term method of

contraception. IUDs can be inserted at various times including the menstrual,

postpartum, post abortion periods as well as for emergency contraception.

According to the 2003 Turkish Demographic and Health Survey,

IUDs are the most widely known and used modern method of contraception in Turkey.

Apparently they are known by 98.3 % of married women. 42.8 % of all married

women (currently and ever-married) have used IUDs during their reproductive

period. IUDs are the most popular currently used modern method (20.2%),

regardless of the geographic region in Turkey. Use of IUDs has raised steadily

throughout years and women using IUDs have more knowledge about side effects and

management of adverse effects of the contraceptive method they are using when

compared to users of other methods of contraception. Discontinuation rates and

failure rates are lowest among modern methods of contraception. IUDs are also

the most popular method which women plan to use in the future, according to 2003

Turkish Demographic and Health Survey.

IUDs are excellent contraceptives with many advantages and

should be offered to suitable candidates as a part of the contraceptive


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