Test to treatment intervals within the Liverpool UK Chlamydia Screening Programme

Test to treatment intervals within the Liverpool UK Chlamydia

Screening Programme

F. Gill, S. Lavelle, G. Adams

Liverpool and South Sefton

Chlamydia Screening Programme, Liverpool, UK

Introduction Chlamydia

is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the under 25’s. Infection

rates have been rising steadily since the mid 1990’s. The Liverpool Chlamydia

Screening Programme has been acclaimed as one of the most successful in the

country. Testing is available at 49 sites in the community, and treatment and

partner notification at 11 of these sites. Since its establishment in 2004, it

has managed over 20,000 tests, of which 12% are positive, with over a 95 %

treatment rate.

Objective To evaluate whether current test to treatment

intervals within the Screening Programme are acceptable. To examine reasons for

any delay in treatment, and suggest ways of minimising them.

Method Audit of

treatment intervals for opportunistically screened Chlamydia positive clients

from 1st July 2005 to 31st December 2005. For those clients not treated within 3

weeks, a detailed review of all actions and communications was carried out.

Results: A total of 568 clients tested positive. Of these, 394 (69%) were

treated within 2 weeks of testing; and a further 94 (17%) within 3 weeks.

Eventually 98% definitely received treatment.

Conclusion Overall treatment

intervals within the Programme are acceptable. Community based management, and

versatility of treatment sites and times, contribute towards successful

treatment intervals. The main reasons for delays were client based. To improve

treatment intervals, the importance of attending for treatment following a

positive result should be reinforced. Correct client contact details must be

procured. Although mobile phones greatly ease communication, numbers need to be

accurate. Using texting and voice mail messages, if acceptable, enhance speed of

action, but back-up addresses are still necessary in case the phone is


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