Does ideal cooperation exist between gynaecologist and sexologist?

Does ideal cooperation exist between gynaecologist and


D. Baumane, D. Balodis, M. Orleana

Diplomatic Service Medicine Centre, Riga, Latvia, Medical centre IAC, Riga,

Latvia, and Faculty of Medicine,

Latvia University, Riga, Latvia 

Approximately 26% of all women in Latvia suffer

from sexual dysfunction. Around 9% of women aged 40-60 do not have a permanent

sexual partner. It is common for sexual problems not to be accented during a

visit to the doctor and a woman will primarily visit a gynaecologist only for

some specific gynaecological complaint. The ailments most often encountered by a

gynaecologist fall broadly within the following groups: Algodysmenorrhoea, myoma,

mastopathy, recurring endometrial and cervical polyps and disturbances of the

menstrual cycle.

There is also a small proportion of women, showing vague

symptoms but who do not demonstrate any visually observable pathology.


carefully analysing patient’s anamneses, it was concluded that all patients had

a single common problem – dissatisfaction with their sexual life. All patients

diagnosed with a gynaecological illness received appropriate treatment and were

at the same time referred for consultation by a psychotherapist-sexologist.


following problems were observed during treatment: Some patients refuse to be

treated by a sexologist, treatment is inappropriate for some patients, some

discontinue treatment for personal or financial reasons, while some continue and

are treated successfully.


  1. It is essential to develop clear

    selection criteria for patients with gynaecological ailments, and for whom

    consultation with a sexologist is considered essential.

  2. It is essential to

    establish principles for cooperation between the gynaecologist and the

    psychotherapist-sexologist, for the treatment of patients with gynaecological

    illnesses and sexual disturbances.

  3. It is important to secure a reversible

    connection between specialists of both fields during the treatment of the


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