poster session 2

nr. title 1st


P036 Contraceptive use in premenopausal years H. Hassa (Turkey) abstract
P037 Contraceptive use and fertility charecteristics: changes within 15 years S. Ozalp (Turkey) abstract
P038 The characteristics of the patients who applied to the Family Planning division of a university clinic in


D.Öztürk (Turkey) abstract
P039 Aspects concerning the cervix pathology in the activity of the Family Planning Department

A. Karimzadeh (Romania) abstract
P040 A survey of the attitude of Korean women toward contraceptive use

I.S. Lee (Korea) abstract
P041 Differences and similarities in reproduction and its control determined by religious orientation

D. Tanturovski (Macedonia) abstract
P042 Reproductive behavior of the adolescents in St. Petersburg

P.N. Krotin (Russia) abstract
P043 Contraception and press in Spain: 1997–2002

I. Lete (Spain) abstract
P044 Contraceptive trends in Spain: 1997–2003

I. Lete (Spain) abstract
P045 Use of contraceptive methods in Spain: results of four national surveys by age groups

I. Lete (Spain) abstract
P046 Risk of unwanted pregnancy among Spanish women 40 to 50 years old

J.L. Dueñas (Spain) abstract
P047 Specificity of safe contraception in Latvia

M. Orleana (Latvia) abstract
P048 Educational level and contraceptive practice in three different female populations

G. Galazios (Greece) abstract
P049 Sociodemographic background of oral contraceptive use among young women

Z. Kozinszky (Hungary) abstract
P050 Sexual information of teenagers in Szeged: a questionnaire survey Z. Kozinszky (Hungary) abstract
P051 European women’s survey on oral contraceptive use

C. Benedetto (Italy) abstract
P052 Psychological and moral aspects of women undergoing pregnancy termination

V. Sadauskas (Lithuania) abstract
P053 Subjective efficacy of preventive methods: image is everything

L.P. van Dalen (The Netherlands) abstract
P054 The experience of a family planning practice in a southern Portuguese community

V.R.D. Nobre (Portugal) abstract

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