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P055 Experience with Implanon in a North East London family planning clinic

S. Gupta (UK) abstract
P056 Progestogen only contraception and venous thromboembolism – is accepted clinical practice at odds

with manufacturer’s guidance?

J. Brotherston (UK) abstract
P057 How late can you give Depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate?

S. Jones (UK) abstract
P058 Long-term safety and efficacy of extremely low-dose combined oral contraception containing 15 mg of

ethinylestradiol and 60 mg of gestodene

D. Driák (Czech Republic) abstract
P059 An assessment of the infection risk associated with intrauterine device insertion in two different clinical


C. Johnman (UK) abstract
P060 A study on knowledge of women about condom and its relationship with the usage of condom in their


Z. Sooki (Iran) abstract
P061 Levonogestrel-releasing intrauterine devices: clinical experience and acceptability

M. Díaz-Vega (Spain) abstract
P062 A comparative study on the dislocation rate of the Mirena1 and the Multiload 3751 intrauterine device

G.S. Merki-Feld (Switzerland) abstract
P063 Transfallopian expulsion of IUCD – a case report

I. Samardziski (Macedonia) abstract
P064 Study of ovarian function in amenorrheic users of Mirena1

I.C. Barbosa (Brazil) abstract
P065 Medical eligibility criteria for using modern oral contraceptives in women with type 1 diabetes

S.V. Nikitine (Russia) abstract
P066 Acceptability, safety and premenstrual symptomatology in women using an oral contraceptive

containing gestodene 60mcg/ethinylestradiol 15mcg

I.C. Barbosa (Brazil) abstract
P067 Cycle control in women using an oral contraceptive containing gestodene 60mcg/ethinylestradiol


I.C. Barbosa (Brazil) abstract
P068 A survey of Norplant and DMPA: effects on women’s weight and blood pressure

Shohreh.ziaei (Iran) abstract
P069 Patient satisfaction and preference with the EVRA transdermal contraceptive patch compared to the

previous contraceptive method

F. Weisberg (Canada) abstract
P070 NuvaRing improves cycle control in German women

S. Baumgaertner (Germany) abstract
P071 Acceptability and tolerability of NuvaRing in Ireland

S. Jones (UK) abstract
P072 The Mirena intrauterine system and user acceptability

J. Bowie (UK) abstract
P073 NuvaRing’s contraceptive efficacy and tolerability are comparable to an oral contraceptive

K. Oddsson (Iceland) abstract
P074 Satisfaction and compliance of 1333 users of transdermal contraception in private gynaecological

practice in Austria

C.J. Gruber (Austria) abstract
P075 Sociodemographic properties and contraception use of pregnants before pregnancy

F. Altıntasoglu (Turkey) abstract
P076 Continued use of Implanon inserted following termination of pregnancy

M. Preston (UK) abstract
P077 Effect of Implanon1 on lumbar bone mineral density

B. Dilbaz (Turkey) abstract
P078 Effect of Implanon® on serum lipids, liver function tests and hemoglobin levels B. Dilbaz (Turkey) abstract
P079 One year follow-up of patients on Implanon® for contraception: a multicentric prospective study

Y. Yakut (Turkey) abstract
P080 Vasectomy outcome of voluntary male surgical contraception at a metropolitan maternity hospital B. Dilbaz (Turkey) abstract
P081 Vesical calculus formation around a migrated Copper-T 280a

S. Dede (Turkey) abstract
P082 Implanon: our three year experience

D. Sobral (Portugal) abstract
P083 The effects of increasing the copper load on IUD performance: a systematic review

P. O’Brien (UK) abstract
P084 The TCu380 Slimline or TCu380A: a systematic review of comparative data

P. O’Brien(UK) abstract
P085 The comparison of analgesic effects of local anesthesia and piroxicam in legal abortions

E.Z. Tuzcular Vural (Turkey) abstract
P086 The comparative trial of the effects on various parameters of two 30 µg EE monophasic oral

contraceptives containing 0.3 mg norgestrel and 0.075 mg gestodene

E.Z. Tuzcular Vural (Turkey) abstract
P087 The experience with depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate used as a contraceptive method among

Turkish women

Z. Vural (Turkey) abstract
P088 The frequency of complications in IUD users in family planning clinic, Shariati hospital, Tehran (1997–


A. Hamid (Iran) abstract
P089 The colonization of IUDs with Actinomyces and other bacteriae

I. Gönenç (Turkey) abstract
P090 The effect of depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate on bone mineral density and lipid metabolism I. Gönenç (Turkey) abstract
P091 Subdermal Implant: our experience in teenagers

A. Pereira (Portugal) abstract
P092 The effect of Implanon® and a non-medicated intrauterine device on the development of breastfed


S. Taneepanichskul (Thailand) abstract
P093 Satisfaction and non-contraceptive benefits with NuvaRing1, a novel vaginal combined contraceptive

method in a clinical experience program in Brazil

N. de Melo (Brazil) abstract
P094 Ultrasonographic features of the endometrium and the ovaries in women on Implanon1

T. Van den Bosch (Belgium) abstract
P095 Bacterial vaginal flora in Implanon users

G.G.G. Donders (Belgium) abstract
P096 Mechanical contraceptive methods and their complications in Iran

F. Hejazi (Iran) abstract
P097 Comparision of efficacy and complications of ınsertion of IUD in postplacental/postpartum period and

postpuerperal/ınterval period: 1 year follow-up*

K. Eroglu (Turkey) abstract

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