poster session 1

nr. title 1st


P001 Relationship between occupational

exposure to anaesthetic gases and spontaneous abortion

M. Bodaghabadi (Iran) abstract
P002 Abortion problem in Serbia M. Rasevic (Serbia) abstract
P003 Improving contraceptive use after

abortion: a cluster randomised controlled trial of personalised, expert

contraceptive advice and provision at the time of termination of


C. Schünmann (UK) abstract
P004 Can we identify women at risk of more

than one termination of pregnancy?

H. St.John (UK) abstract
P005 Procurable safety contraception leads

to reduction of abortion risk

T. Fait (Czech Republic) abstract
P006 Seasonality of abortion in the United


S. Rowlands (UK) abstract
P007 Implementation of holistic care for

women requesting referral for termination of pregnancy: following a

local review 

H. Nixon (UK) abstract
P008 Efficacy and tolerance of immediate

post-abortion IUD contraception 

V. Liberis (Greece) abstract
P009 The comparison of two different routes

of misoprostol administration in cases of first trimester fetal deaths 

S. Dilbaz (Turkey) abstract
P010 Randomised controlled trial of

sublingual and vaginal administration of misoprostol for medical

abortion up to 13 weeks gestation (best poster prize!!!)

H. Hamoda (UK) abstract
P011 Study of anxiety during consultation

and assessment for termination of pregnancy 

B.A. Gbolade (UK) abstract
P012 Termination of second trimester

pregnancy; a comparative study of using misoprostol alone and oxytocin 

K. Nedialkov (Bulgaria) abstract
P013 Manual vacuum aspiration: complication

rates and post-operative experience of women undergoing this method of

termination of first trimester pregnancy 

K. Worsley (UK) abstract
P014 Sublingual misoprostol versus oral and

vaginal misoprostol in inducing mid-trimester medical abortion 

S.M. Bunescu (Romania) abstract
P015 Factors associated with provision of

elective abortions among US obstetrician-gynecologists 

J. Steinauer (USA) abstract
P016 Incorporating abortion and family

planning into Ob-Gyn resident education in the United States 

U. Landy (USA) abstract
P017 Exploring women’s options: regimens

of misoprostol with mifepristone for early medical abortion 

B. Winikoff (USA) abstract
P018 Manual vacuum aspiration versus routine

abortion procedure in hospital settings – does it improve the


K. Stankova (Macedonia) abstract
P019 Evaluating quality of verbal

information provision about abortion methods during assessment


S.S.M. Wong (UK) abstract
P020 Routine histopathological analysis of

the products of conception following the first trimester abnormal

intrauterine pregnancy 

Y. Tascí (Turkey) abstract
P021 High dose misoprostol used in

outpatient management of first trimester spontaneous abortion 

S. Sifakis (Greece) abstract
P022 Post-abortion rehabilitation with

low-dose combined oral contraceptives: method of optimization of

reproductive health 

V.E. Radzinsky (Russia) abstract
P023 Rehabilitation and contraception of

women after induced abortion 

O.F. Serova (Russia) abstract
P024 Survey: TOP’s in foreign immigrant

population in Ginetec 

C. Morin (Spain) abstract
P025 Determinants of induced abortion:

results of a qualitative study 

S. Cali (Turkey) abstract
P026 Does abortion procedure influence

contraceptive choices and behaviour? 

A. Gairing (Switzerland) abstract
P027 Evaluation of outcome of cohort of

attenders in a termination of pregnancy clinic 

O. Jones (UK) abstract
P028 Early medical abortion with a single

vaginal dose of misoprostol is an effective method? 

N. Salakos (Greece) abstract
P029 Day care surgery for termination of

pregnancy under general anaesthesia: experience of managing patients

with body mass index (BMI) of 35 and above 

E. J. Oloto (UK) abstract
P030 Randomised trial comparing expectant

with medical management for first trimester miscarriages 

A. Jamal (Turkey) abstract
P031 Septic abortion as a consequence of

unwanted pregnancy 

V. Marsousi (Iran) abstract
P032 Termination of the first trimester

pregnancy in women gravida, pre-treated with misoprostol 

M. Panova (Bulgaria) abstract
P033 Audit of contraception before and after

termination of pregnancy 

O. Graham (UK) abstract
P034 Audit of repeat termination of


O. Graham (UK) abstract
P035 Abortion in Portugal: men and women’s

practices and values (a comparative perspective) 

D. Vilar (Portugal) abstract

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